Quick Facts and FAQs

Quick facts

488 hospital beds, including a boost to public beds, bringing the total number of beds available on the Northern Beaches to 554

50-space emergency department, 14 operating theatres and six surgical suites

A large integrated emergency department and state-of-the-art intensive care and critical care units treating both public and private patients

Nine-storey high facility, with a multi-storey 1,400 space car and helipad

Employing 1,300 staff, increasing the existing workforce by 400, plus 700 jobs created during construction

Funding will be guaranteed for public patient services through a long-term contract between the Northern Sydney Local Health District and Healthscope

No public patient will be forced to pay for public health services at the new hospital, and no patient will be forced to use their private health insurance

Equal access to care and greater healthcare choice for all patients

Frequently asked questions

What is the Northern Beaches Health Service Redevelopment?

The healthcare needs of the Northern Beaches community have changed significantly since Manly and Mona Vale Hospitals first opened many decades ago. The current range of health services provided on the Northern Beaches need to be redesigned to support the changing needs of the local community.

The redevelopment involves major investment in:

  • The new Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest
  • Reconfiguration of Mona Vale Hospital
  • The new Mona Vale Community Health Centre at Mona Vale Hospital
  • The new Brookvale Community Health Centre opposite Warringah Mall
  • Enhanced Child and Family Health services in new buildings at Dalwood in Seaforth

Significant investment across the Northern Beaches will create a health system which works well for all patients, carers and families for many years to come. Patients’ needs will always come first.

What clinical services and facilities will be provided at Northern Beaches Hospital?

A new hospital for the Northern Beaches community will provide more complex health services, with modern infrastructure that supports innovation, teaching, research and changes to clinical models well into the future.

The new Level 5 hospital will be built, operated and maintained by Healthscope, providing health services for both public and private patients. There will be 488 hospital beds, with more public beds, bringing the total number of beds on the Northern Beaches to 554. This bed increase is supported by a large, integrated emergency department, state-of-the-art intensive care and critical care units and a modern inpatient mental health facility.

The hospital will have a 50-space emergency department, 14 operating theatres and six surgical suites. Services at Northern Beaches Hospital for all patients will include:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Intensive Care
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Anaesthetics
  • Maternity and Special Care Nursery
  • Paediatrics
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Inpatient Mental Health
  • Renal Dialysis
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiology
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacy
  • Teaching, Training, Education and Research.

How many storeys is the new hospital?

Northern Beaches Hospital will be nine-storeys high, covering 69,800m2 gross floor space, with room on site for future expansion

Will there be car parking on the hospital site?

There will be a multi-storey car park with 1,400 spaces for staff, patients and visitors and a helipad for emergency patient transport.

How was Healthscope selected as the hospital operator?

Healthscope was selected as the preferred hospital operator following a rigorous evaluation process. The NSW Ministry of Health and Northern Sydney Local Health District have signed a contract with Healthscope for the provision of public patient services over the next 20 years.

What are the benefits of partnering with an experienced hospital operator?

Partnering with Healthscope will bring about  real benefits for the Northern Beaches community. Infrastructure, construction and maintenance costs for the facility can be shared with Healthscope, enabling the new hospital to be delivered faster and at a reduced cost to the taxpayer.

The money saved on the capital and the long term maintenance costs of the facility can also be reinvested in frontline health services.

Healthscope will also be responsible for the continued investment in the facility over the long-term to ensure it meets the contemporary standards of the day.

What is the responsibility of the hospital operator?

Healthscope will construct, operate and maintain the new hospital and provide the best possible ongoing care for both public and private patients on the Northern Beaches.

How will public patients access services at the new hospital?

As a public patient you will be able to use the new hospital, including the Emergency Department, in exactly the same way you currently use Manly, Mona Vale or Royal North Shore Hospitals.

Will there be a reduction in the quality of care under the hospital operator led model?

No. Healthscope will be required to meet stringent Australian quality and safety healthcare standards, as happens in all hospitals across Australia. This means patients will receive hospital care under the same conditions and to the same national standards provided by any other hospital, public and private.

Will public patients need to use their private health insurance?

No, a long-term contract has been signed with Healthscope, which means that the Government purchases services for all public patients, allowing the hospital operator to provide services to patients in exactly the same way as a public hospital would, regardless of whether or not you have private health insurance.

How will treatment be prioritised?

Patients will always be prioritised according to their health needs, not according to whether they have private health insurance.

How many staff will work in the new hospital?

The new hospital will employ 1,300 staff, increasing the existing workforce by 400. More than 700 jobs are also being created during construction of the new hospital.

When will the hospital development be completed?

Construction of the new hospital is on target for completion in 2018.

What road and transport solutions are supporting the development of the hospital?

The NSW Government is upgrading roads around the new Northern Beaches Hospital. These will provide a better travel experience by car or bus, increase the capacity of the road network and improve access through the precinct. Roads and Maritime Services is delivering the road upgrades in two stages. Stage 1 will provide essential access for the Northern Beaches Hospital and Stage 2 will help to increase capacity of the road network and reduce congestion.

What will happen to Mona Vale Hospital?

Mona Vale Hospital will continue to play a key role in health care on the Northern Beaches when the new Northern Beaches Hospital opens. The existing Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit, Beachside Rehabilitation Unit and Community Health Centre will provide patient services alongside a range of new services.  Planning is underway for an urgent care centre, inpatient Palliative Care Unit and Geriatric Evaluation and Management Unit.

Registrations of Interest for additional health related services on the Mona Vale Hospital campus are being reviewed. Some of the future services may range from general practice through to medical specialists for infants to seniors.

The services provided on the Mona Vale Hospital campus will complement those being delivered at Northern Beaches Hospital and the community health centres at Seaforth, Mona Vale and Brookvale.

What will happen to the Manly Hospital site after it is closed?

Community consultation will help determine the best use for the future of the Manly Hospital site once the new Northern Beaches Hospital opens in 2018.

Why redesign Community Health services?

Enhancing community health care is a key part of the NSW Government’s plan to reduce the pressure on our health system and appropriately treat people outside of the hospital setting.

The Northern Beaches Health Service Redevelopment is redesigning the way Northern Sydney Local Health District deliver community health services to residents on the Northern Beaches.

Bringing together community health services into three main locations will enable services to focus on prevention, early intervention, assessment, treatment and continuing care.

What services are provided at the Mona Vale Community Health Centre?

The comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Northern Sydney Home Nursing
  • Rehabilitation and Aged Care
  • Community Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol
  • Carer Support
  • Child and Family
  • Chronic Care (including Diabetes Education and Cardiac Rehabilitation)
  • Oral Health
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Acute Post-Acute Care for people coming out of hospital.

What services will be provided at the Brookvale Community Health Centre?

The Brookvale Community Health Centre will accommodate a rangeofservicesforchildren, adolescentsandadults, including;

  • Adult Mental Health Services
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Community Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Community Nursing
  • Acute Post-Acute Care (APAC)
  • Breast Screen
  • Rehabilitation and Aged Care Services
  • Child and Family Health Services, and
  • Adult and Paediatric Oral Health Services

What Child and Family Health services are now provided at Dalwood?

The existing Dalwood site currently comprises purpose-built facilities for secondary and tertiary level child and family health services, including the Spilstead Centre and Family Care Centre. The new specialist centre provides the following services:

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Community Paediatrics
  • Paediatric Occupational Therapy
  • Paediatric Speech Pathology
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy
  • Spilstead and Brighter Futures
  • Early childhood and parenting support
  • Family Care Centre.

The Northern Beaches community now has access to more community based paediatric clinicians in one central location.