Community Health Centres

Enhancing community health care is a key part of the NSW Government’s plan to reduce the pressure on our health system and appropriately treat people outside of the hospital setting.

The Northern Beaches Health Service Redevelopment responds to this goal by providing contemporary facilities which enhance the way community health services are delivered to residents on the Northern Beaches.

Community health services on the Northern Beaches have been spread over a number of sites that are not  suited to the delivery of modern community health services. The three new facilities, two of which are now complete, will enable community health services to be integrated and networked to deliver quality health outcomes to the local community.

Community health services will be brought together into three main locations:

  • Enhanced Child and Family Health Services provided in a new building at Dalwood in Seaforth opened in November 2015;
  • A new Mona Vale Community Health Centre located on the  Mona Vale Hospital completed in March 2016; and
  • A new Brookvale Community Health Centre located across from Warringah Mall due to open in 2017.

The new community health facilities provide a network of comprehensive health care for individuals, families and communities to promote optimal health and well-being for everyone.  Most importantly, they enhance health care delivery on the Northern Beaches and enable services to continue their focus on prevention, early intervention, assessment, treatment and continuing care.

Planning the redesign and determining the location of the three community health facilities has taken into account key considerations like public transport connections, private transport access, client ease of access and connections to various service areas.

Project Benefits

  • Provide new, contemporary, purpose-built facilities for staff, clients and patients
  • Provide clients and patients with a comprehensive range of community health services in three locations
  • Enhance coordination between staff of different services including  multidisciplinary health services
  • Enable community-based care to meet the changing health needs of the community